Housing Strategies

Draft Strategies & Actions

How Do We Achieve the Goals & Overall Vision?

Urban Design Guidelines

  • Design high quality public spaces to promote community identity and interaction.
  • Design multifamily dwellings with porches and individual entrances to provide access from the public sidewalk.
  • Create a complete, comfortable sidewalk network linking housing to destinations.
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Housing Design Guidelines

  • Respect height of existing buildings to maintain neighborhood feel.
  • In areas with existing housing, utilize traditional materials and details. In areas without such context, allow different styles, materials, and details to create a neighborhood with broad appeal.
  • Encourage design that adds visual interest to multifamily buildings with bays, varying heights, and other design details.
  • Emphasize accessibility and sustainable design to contribute to an inclusive, energy-efficient neighborhood.

Support Strategic Infill Housing to Complement Urban Village Developments

  • Coordinate investment with the Shreveport Common Vision Plan to create new housing in Ledbetter Heights and connect to downtown.
  • Implement the Heritage Place plan, a City of Shreveport Office of Community Development infill project in Allendale that will create 120 units of workforce housing and a botanical garden.
  • Support non-profit housing efforts such as the Fuller Center
  • Strengthen and expand existing programs such as the Homebuyer’s Assistance Program Participation Initiative (HAPPI), the Rehabilitation Assistance Program, and the One Dollar Adjudicated Property Program

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